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The Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE conducts an entrance test for the 15 merit seats in the Medical Dental Colleges of India. The All India Pre-Medical Pre-Dental Entrance Test AIPMT receives lakhs of applications every year owing to its popularity. The merit list of this entrance test is also used by state governments universities institutions for admission in the medical dental colleges against seats under their control. The present book containing collection of previous years rsquo chapterwise questions asked in CBSE AIPMT has been divided into two parts covering Class XI and Class XII syllabi spread across 26 chapters namely Some Basic Principles of Chemistry Atomic Structure Chemical Bonding Solutions States of Matter Nuclear Chemistry Chemical Equilibrium Ionic Equilibrium Thermodynamics Chemical Kinetics Electrochemistry Surface Chemistry Metallurgical Operations Hydrogen amp its Compounds Chemical Periodicity Comparative Study of Elements Transition Elements d- and f-Block Elements Coordination Compounds Chemical Analysis General Organic Chemistry Hydrocarbons Alkyl Halides Alcohols Phenols amp Ethers Aldehydes amp Ketones Carboxylic Acids amp their Derivatives Nitrogen Compounds Polymers and Biomolecules amp Chemistry in Everyday Life.The book contains last 28 years rsquo 1988-2015 Chapterwise solutions of Chemistry questions asked in CBSE AIPMT All India Pre Medical Test . The book covers all the topics that are a part of CBSE AIPMT Chemistry syllabus. All the previous years rsquo objective questions have been covered chapterwise along with their answers and solutions. Authentic analytical and augmented solutions have been provided for all the questions. Hints and solutions have been given at the end of each chapter. Questions asked in AIPMT 2015 have been given at the end of the book to give the candidates an insight into the current exam pattern of CBS